How Passdock help to create passes in the Passbook?

One of the unique features of passbook is the passdock that let you to create, manage, organize and distribute digital passes for mobile. Passdock is a complete platform for digital marketing.It is also called passbook passes generator. You can easily create passes in passbook with passdock in just 2 minutes. Passdock make it easier with its services of creation, distribution and modification of the passes in the passbook for future use. Through passdock you can generate your passes instantly.


It boasts a simple and intuitive solution to generate passbook coupons, boarding passes, generic cards, digital tickets, events tickets and store cards. Passdock create an immediate preview of passes on your browser without having to install it on your iPhone 6 or other IOS devices. Through passdock you can create these passes or tickets in the passbook, these are; personal cards, discount coupons, magazine subscription, velodrome tickets, boarding passes, gift cards, discount coupons, store cards, musical tickets, family cards, balance cards, exhibition cards, student’s ID cards, event invitation, events tickets, loyalty cards, fitness cards, auto show pass, sales coupon, season tickets, bakery cards, prepaid cards, concern tickets, disco tickets and redeem coupons. These all are the examples of real-time and stored within the virtual wallet of passbook. Passes will be associated within the time and place and these will appear in the lock screen at the time and place desire. This all will be applicable if you have passbook install in your iPhone. With the help of passdock, the users will be able to display notification concerning the expiration of coupons and even location of the numbered seats for concerts. Simply passdock facilitate you to create and instant modification of passes for passbook with a preview to accompany the best step by step process for the creation of passes.

Passbeemedia Apple Ibeacon and Passdock is the best way to implement your specific mobile marketing strategies incorporating into general marketing mix strategies. This is for the new possibilities of interaction with your customers at a low cost. With the help of passbook application, today companies and developers can take advantage of a convenient and customized service where they can directly connect with their customers. The customers receive real time notification and message functional to geolocation. It is an easy way to interact with your customers and be better able to meet the needs of the customers. Passdock is being accessible for everyone. Passdock establish a relationship with customer in a continuous and economical way in the terms of budget and time consumption. So it is enormous potential that passdock reveals digital marketing at negligible costs that improves the loyalty of the customers and provide services in real time. In addition it having the capability to provide target advice for the development of wide range of business plans suited for each customers’ needs.


Benefits of Passdock:

  1. You can customize you passes every day in the passbook.
  2. Help to improve your brand’s reputation.
  3. Provide you the ability to send and create passes, send SMS, Send E-mails.
  4. You can create advertising campaigns.
  5. You can manage your customers’ Databases.